The interactive guide to common bird monitoring

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The SEO techniques for SEO, this is the first before directing its strategy towards one or the other keywords. And if you work with long tail, this is the A AEIU.

I have a habit of reviewing every day the results of the visit to my Blog on Google Analytics, as it not only allows me to meet many people, Funny but also that country are consulting, what operating system and if they did use a mobile device to a computer.

As you may know, my work from home, managing two blogs, this is now visiting and one more done with a very simple system called Kalat├║, was developed in the WordPress platform but with plugins, widgets and other features and preinstalled to make it simple handling, use my passion but also the community they belong established a 21-Day Challenge “in which people around the world are participating with enthusiasm and commitment to the purpose of publishing quality content daily .

SEO / BirdLife is recognized for its work in relation to the monitoring and bird censuses. Bird banding is another of the activities of the organization. The Bird Migration Center (CMA) is encompassed within SEO / BirdLife and its functions include managing everything related to this activity.

The job of an SEO goes beyond filling a blog keywords keywords, whatever you want to call them. The goal of any SEO strategy is that you are, and nothing is worth the search engine optimization for no one does. We are talking about the first step: to know what people want, and in the case of an SEO webmaster The question is: What do people need? What really searches search on Google? Especially if you’re going to work on a long tail keyword.

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